Meet Kimya

“My wish is for you to gain an inner knowingness of how to thrive and create one amazing experience after another.”

For over 20 years in her work, Kimya has shared her inner knowledge and insights, empowering those she worked with to come into alignment with their true essence.

During her career as a massage therapist, Kimya witnessed the quality of thoughts and feelings impacting the physical body. When destructive thinking occurs or ongoing stress is felt, it puts the body in distress. Kimya assisted her clients by intuitively identifying thought patterns that affected their well-being and empowered them with mindful self care tips as well as help them feel rejuvenated in their body.

Affirming Your Life workshops

Kimya’s natural talent to empower people comes alive in groups, small or large, inviting interaction between participants to explore their thoughts and feelings as living vibrations. In her workshops she is able to catalyze awarenesses that transcend limitations in people’s belief systems and inspire life-changing action to occur.


Kimya’s passion to empower people in their day to day lives, inspired her to create, Your Greater Self, a course teaching mindful techniques to groups and individuals on how to reduce stress naturally, improve work production and connect with their Greater Self.


“Kimya is an engaging and heart-centered workshop leader. Her energy, kind manner, and interesting topics make her a desired presenter at our retreats.”

Heather S. Friedman Rivera R.N., J.D., Ph.D.
PLR Institute

“The Ventura County Professional Women’s Network (VCPWN) group was captivated by Kimya’s Presentation and her book set, Blessings for Empowerment. The interaction with the audience was magical…. Keep doing the work you love and spreading it to others.”

Suz-Anne Shoblom Damsel in Defense Independent Pro

“Kimya's presentation “Affirming Your Life” was a new and very 'Ojai' approach to the power of positive thinking. Her use of inspiring Affirmation Cards to interact with members prompted genuine, thoughtful responses from the members. I think everyone found her presentation unique and worthwhile.”

Jack McClenahan President 2016-17

“My favorite part of the course, ”Your Greater Self,” was being able to spend time with Kimya in person. It was calming and encouraging to be with her. Kimya provides…excellent tools in helping create possibilities…”

Tara Raucci Performing Artist & Yoga Instructor