Blessings for Empowerment

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Blessings for Empowerment is a set of 44 Affirmation Cards and Guidebook for Thriving, empowering you to affirm your life, daily. When you have moments of feeling stuck, doubtful or isolated, reach for these affirmation cards. This set will help shift your mind set.


These affirmation cards are a powerful way to loosen your grip in areas you are resisting and invite you to allow possibilities. As you explore your possibilities, Blessings for Empowerment can help you improve the quality of your relationship with yourself and others, guide you to align with your life’s path, encourage healthy choices and empower your self esteem.


This book set supports you to thrive in your life.


Even when you are feeling amazing, it is still vital to nurture yourself. Engaging with Blessings for Empowerment when you have a positive outlook confirms your expansiveness and supports you to keep saying “Yes.”


This set consist of 44 affirmation cards and a Guidebook for Thriving which includes guided meditations, space for you to write, and create your own affirmations.

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Weight 15.1 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.75 × 8 in


Blessings for Empowerment can help you improve:

  • Existing relationship with yourself and others
  • Your alignment with your life’s path
  • The quality of your thoughts
  • Personal self esteem

This book set supports you to thrive!

5 reviews for Blessings for Empowerment

  1. Judith Hamilton

    Each day when I select a “Blessing for Empowerment” card I find inspiration and comfort. Often the card touches my inner wisdom and reminds me to claim my more positive side. Each card reminds me of how I can become the person I want to be.

  2. Aurandeep Singh Samra

    The omnipresence of spirit is forever fresh and inspiring in Blessings for Empowerment. These divine messages will allow you to receive love and guidance. Be open to let messages from Source come through these blessings to you and may they overflow into everything into your experience. Namaste.
    One Love

  3. Will

    The Blessings for Empowerment deck is a cool tool for opening up any situation to a heart centered approach. Whether it’s personal … or a group situation that facilitates cooperative consciousness. I have found it an excellent way to my enhance outlook.

  4. Andrew McReynolds

    I LOVE this deck of affirmation cards. I always keep them in my kitchen or in the living room when people are over. They are not only insightful and inspiring, they are an amazing conversation starter. Someone will pick a card, then read about it [from the Guidebook] and reflect, and then we start sharing about what the theme means to us, and pretty soon people are opening up and connecting with each other. Kind of like a party game but with soul!

  5. Ann Edwards

    The Blessing for Empowerment cards have been a part of my morning meditation practice for over a year. The cards are beautifully done with each photo and affirmation containing an inspirational message. Before I begin meditating I choose a card and contemplate the affirmation. The messages in the cards help me to become grounded each morning. I am thankful for the peace and spiritual reassurance I receive when using them.

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