Kimya’s natural talent to teach mindful education comes alive in groups –– small or large. As a mindful educator, she finds it alarming our Health Epidemic of the 21st century is stress. With 2 decades of hands on experience as a massage therapist and witnessing –– first hand –– what stress can do to the body, Kimya’s gained knowledge is imperative for the growing population effected by the epidemic of stress.

Each of us has had an experience of the negative effect stress can have. Whether it hindered our work production, devitalized our immune system or put a damper on our happiness. However stress appears––it seems to impede our optimum ability. Contemporary lifestyles have their challenges, frustrations and disappointments, to navigate. It is vital to our personal esteem and well-being to navigate an increasingly fast-paced world from a mindful place.

Your Greater Self approaches stress reduction through mindful education. What is mindful education? It empowers participants with knowledge and tools to navigate and manage their stress from a mindful place and assist healthy self reverence. Your Greater Self is a natural alternative to stress and feeling overwhelmed. Chronic stress is on the rise and defined as stress that doesn’t let up and feeling you have little or no control over circumstances. Prolonged stress is known to have a toxic toll on the body, mind and soul.

Research points to low-stress work environments as beneficial for strong company culture, less sick days, talent acquisition, employee retention, and a remarkable way to show employees you care. Communities that make a conscious effort to minimize stress –– help promote better psychological well-being and encourage personal connections among themselves that share experiences of synergy. And individuals who incorporate mindful practices daily are cultivating an inner sanctuary for themselves, this paves the way for spending more time enjoying life and feeling fulfilled.

Invest in Your Greater Self today and learn the benefits mindful education can have for you, your community or your company. This course consists of 7 Affirming Your Life workshops, each included:


    • Work booklet with highlighted insights
    • Space for notes in booklet
    • Group interaction
    • Guided exercises
    • Keynote visuals
    • Follow up



Kimya is available for Your Greater Self course, workshops and speaking engagements.

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