Meet Kimya



“My wish is for you to gain an inner knowingness of how to thrive and create one amazing experience after another.”


For over 20 years, Kimya has shared her inner knowledge and insights, empowering those she worked with. During her career as a massage therapist, Kimya witnessed how thoughts and feelings impact the physical body. She observed––when destructive thinking occurs or ongoing stress is felt, it puts the body in distress. Kimya assisted her clients with stress reduction through massage, identified thought patterns that affected their well-being and encouraged empowerment through mindful self care practices.

Kimya’s passion for travel opened the door to evolve through amazing adventures. The Hawaiian island of Kauai introduced her to the aloha spirit which still lives in her heart today. Visiting Thailand was an extraordinary experience of culture, art, and nature. She led her first international retreat in Jamaica – discovering exotic fruits, breathtaking excursions, moonlit yoga and facilitated conscious group conversations. Living in remote areas of Central America for almost a year, away from a western lifestyle, allowed her experience of thoughts and feelings as living vibrations to heighten. She now sees these energies as the raw ingredients each of us uses in co-creating with the Universe.

After being abroad a year, it came to Kimya while meditating, she could share her awareness on the power of thoughts and feelings by inviting people to actively co-create with affirmations. This sparked the vision that fueled the manifestation of, Blessings for Empowerment, a set of affirmation cards & guidebook that can transform resistance into allowing possibilities and assist people improving the quality of their lives.

Kimya’s meditation practice has continued to evolve her vision which led her to develop a product line, affirming your life – holistic products she believes in, uses and is excited to have in the marketplace.

While traveling back east to New York, engaged in a conversation about our 21st century health epidemic: stress. Kimya thought of her time as massage therapist and her first hand experience in seeing what stress can do to the body. She wondered –– could she take 2 decades of gained knowledge and assist a growing population that is being effected by this epidemic? Her vision expanded again. Kimya created a course addressing the importance of mindful education. In her course, Your Greater Self, she teaches mindful techniques that help navigate stress, social pressure and personal anxiety –– naturally –– in our contemporary lifestyle. She is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives.

“Kimya has a beautiful ability to hold space for others. I learned so much in such a short period of time. Her affirmation cards are wonderfully constructed and I felt all the women in the workshop gained some insight into themselves. I highly recommend working with Kimya.”

Erika Ackerman Voice Coach

“I started my “Your Greater Self” journey in May of 2019 after enduring breast cancer the prior year and the closure of my company for senior healthcare.Kimya worked with me privately for seven weeks and took me from an anxiety filled mess and converted me into a breathing, calm mindful individual. The Power of Affirmations and Intelligence of the Breath were the foundations on which, Kimya built my understanding of slowing down and reflecting on my life. It’s funny that in my 50’s I needed to learn how to reach out and learn how to allow possibilities and surrender to myself or rather my Greater Self!”

Natalie Anne Tate Lifestyle Copywriter

Kimya is available for speaking engagements, workshops and Your Greater Self course. For more information, please contact: