Kimya’s natural talent to empower people comes alive in groups, small or large, inviting interaction between participants to explore their thoughts and feelings as living vibrations. In her workshops she is able to catalyze awarenesses that transcend limitations in people’s belief systems and inspire life-changing action to occur.

Kimya’s passion to empower people in their day to day lives, inspired her to create, Your Greater Self, a course teaching mindful techniques to groups and individuals on how to reduce stress naturally, improve work production and connect with their Greater Self.

Contemporary lifestyles have their challenges, frustrations and disappointments that we must learn to handle. With these mindful techniques, Kimya shows you steps to improve thought clarity, assist healthy self reverence and effective navigation in an increasingly fast-paced world. She reveals how you can utilize these techniques as trustworthy skills to manage stress and improve the quality of your life. Your Greater Self course consists of 7 Affirming Your Life workshops, each include:


    • Work booklet with highlighted insights
    • Space for notes in booklet
    • Group interaction
    • Guided exercises
    • Keynote visuals
    • Follow up



Kimya is available for Your Greater Self course, workshops and speaking engagements.

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